About Us

Let’s face it: Your dog is part of the family. And like any family member, you want to keep your dog happy and healthy. You’re part of a community of pet lovers who care for and enjoy their four-legged friends on a daily basis.

Dogs, like humans, occasionally need blood transfusions in case of injury or disease. If your dog is qualified, she/he can save lives and help other dogs around the country.

HemoSolutions was established to address the nationwide shortage of blood for dogs. Our goal is to ensure that dogs have a safe, reliable source of blood available to them when they need it. This blood can be the difference between life and death, yet it takes only minutes to donate. Both you and your dog will benefit from the experience.

Why recruit donors from the community?

HemoSolutions accepts blood donations from healthy dogs who live with caring owners rather than solely using kennel-kept dogs as many blood banks do. We feel this approach is more ethical, but also more challenging as we work to find enough suitable donors.
In spite of this challenge, we are deeply committed to our purpose.

Why should your dog become a donor?

Because heroes come in different shapes and sizes. And sometimes, they even have four legs and fur.


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HemoSolutions acquires and provides quality component veterinary blood products in an ethical and humane manner. HemoSolutions believes blood donors should live in private homes and lead normal lives. HemoSolutions also believes owners and veterinarians should be provided with complete information concerning blood donation and blood administration. All blood donors, pet owners, referring veterinarians and HemoSolutions staff should be treated with dignity and respect.